Recent Reads: The One & Only by Emily Giffin


When I first received this book in in my June Popsugar Must Have Box, I must say I wasn’t too eager to read it. These days I’m more of a Game of Thrones girl than one who likes romantic comedies, especially when the romance novels are riddled with corny lines and even cornier plots. This one however had me hooked.
The One & Only is about Shea, a thirty-something year old college football fanatic who begins to re-evaluate her life after the death of her lifelong best friend’s mother. She realizes that she was less than satisfied with her boyfriend, job, and doesn’t think she was living a life that a mature thirty-something year old woman should be living. Shea is kind of a hot mess, which I can definitely relate to (aren’t we all?). Once Shea begins to make changes to her life with some nudging from her mother, best friend Lucy, and her role model Coach (Lucy’s father) the story starts to get very interesting. Shea reevaluates her job and gets involved in some steamy romances, which ultimately leads to an interesting and unexpected twist.

One thing that I thought would be an obstacle was all the football references. Even after going to a major football college that has won National Championships and where football was supposed to be a part of our blood, I still have very little interest or knowledge about the sport. However, I was not bored by all the football references. Emily Giffin’s writing is funny, refreshing, and keeps me turning the page. She also developed a character that is very relatable and is working through real issues but with a fascinating twist. I love how Shea’s character has some depth and emotional complexity, which some protagonists of this genre definitely lack. Reading The One & Only has convinced me to peruse some of her other works (reviews coming soon) and I must say I am impressed.

If you are on the fence about reading this book, I recommend picking up a copy because, trust me, when Ms. Giffin starts spilling the tea and the romance gets steamy and scandalous, you will not be able be able to put it down. What are some of your book recommendations?

Later Homies,


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