Five Faves: July 2014



Five Faves: July 2014

So…. I know this is kind of late and I have basically abandoned my little nook on the web for a hot minute but life has been crazy. Between job interviews, moving to another state and trying to get ready for another year of grad school, I have been lacking in my macking. But I’m back and ready to share my five favorite things from the month of July.
1) Foreo Luna Mini –Let me start with the unusually bright fluorescent pink object in the top right corner. The Foreo Luna Mini is a device that claims to provide you with a much deeper facial cleaning experience and is comparable to the Clarisonic. I have a Clarisonic but, to be honest, I haven’t been using it at all in the last year because of constantly having to change the brush heads and experiencing breakouts when I wait too long to change the brush heads. #NotBoutThatLife. With the Foreo Luna you do not need to change brush heads and the silicone nubs can easily be washed off which is definitely more hygienic. I have been using this for the past month and my skin feels softer and looks healthier. And, after a long day, this feels like I’m getting a mini face massage!

2) Betty-Lou Manizer – The gold-y goodness pictured at the bottom of the picture is definitely my highlighting hero. Though this is advertised as a bronzer, on my brown skin it works amazingly as a highlighter. It gives a great glow without being glittery and can be used lightly for every day or built up for an intense look. The texture is very soft and buttery and blends beautifully. A word of caution though, because of it’s incredibly soft texture you have to really be careful with it because it will crack and crumble easily (I present the small chip in the side of the pan as proof). This retails for $24 on TheBalm’s website but you can get this for around $10 on (my personal link) when they have TheBalm flash sales.

3) Emily Giffin – I wrote a blog post about Emily Griffins book The One and Only and since then I have read more of her work and I must say that I am a fan. Giffin pens great summer reads and whenever I find a spare minute I’ll be reading more of her work.

4) Lorac Bronzer in Bronze –Before this summer I have never used bronzer. From my knowledge, bronzer was what lighter skinned gals use to create a more tanned look but since I’m already brown I thought it did not apply to me. Boy, was I wrong. This bronzer has fine shimmery/ satin-y finish that gives me a juicy glow that I didn’t even know was possible. Unfortunately, I got this bronzer a while ago in an eyeshadow kit and it looks like it has been discontinued. But, if you have a darker skin tone and have been bypassing the bronzer, girl, get on it. And if you are a brown girl who knew about this then why didn’t you put me on? Just kidding. But seriously, if you know of any bronzers I should try, leave them in the comments below.

5) I know you guys are probably thinking that this girl definitely can’t count because there are only 4 things pictured above but I have one more for ya. The song Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj has been on permanent repeat in my apartment. I have been a fan of Jessie J for a while now because her voice is soulful and just sick. Pair that with Ariana Grande’s angelic voice and Nicki’s hot verse, this song is just everything. Everything.

What have you been loving this month?


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